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A Complete Guide To Reptiles Of Australia

By Steve Wilson & Gerry Swan
A Complete Guide to Reptiles, now in its second, revised edition, provides accounts of all of the more than 800 species of reptiles in Australia. The text of this edition has been completely updated, and 30 additional species are included. All species are illustrated with lively colour photographs showing them in their natural habitat.

Species are grouped in families, for example Skinks, Geckos, Monitors, Blind Snakes and Pythons. Each entry includes: a distribution map; a description - with distinguishing features picked out in bold text; notes on the species' preferred habitat and range; information on subspecies and similar species; and, wherever appropriate, conservation status.

Released: February 2008
A Complete Guide To Reptiles Of Australia
RRP: $49.95
ISBN: 9781877069468
Size: 205mm x 151mm
Format: Soft Cover
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